The Sexiest (Most Popular) Celebrity Photos of January

2009 brought us all some lovely photos of celebrities showing some skin. Miley Cyrus had a couple of interesting wardrobe malfunctions (including intentionally taking her pink bikini top off), Rihanna had nude photos leaked on the internet a couple days after Cassie Ventura’s nude photos got leaked online, Twilight star Ashley Greene had some sexting photos released on the internet and of course many more celebrities got exposed too.

When we look back at it all… 2009 probably brought us the best nude photos of celebrities that we’ve ever had, which left us all wanting more… but secretly knowing that we probably wouldn’t strike gold like that ever again.

We’ve all been hoping and praying that we’d get to see more skin in 2010 than we did in 2009 and so far… Thanks to Rosie Jones, Emma Frain, Miranda Kerr, Loredana Jolie, Alice Goodwin and some others… 2010 is showing some signs of life as we’re already getting a pretty good eyeful of super sexy models and celebrities…

Note: When you click on a photo an uncensored NSFW version will appear in a NEW window…

Emma Frain and Rosie Jones Topless in Nuts Magazine

Most people in the United States don’t know who Rosie Jones or Emma Frain are. Emma Frain is really just a nobody but Rosie Jones is becoming pretty popular in the U.K. as she has already taken her clothes off twice this year…

Miranda Kerr Shows Some Skin in Pirelli Calendar

Miranda Kerr has taken some heat after posing for some pretty revealing photos for the February edition of GQ Magazine… We wonder if people realize that she also appears completely topless in the new 2010 Pirelli calendar?


Alice Goodwin’s Large Breasts Bust Through Her New 2010 Calendar

Alice Goodwin is pretty much a nobody… Or was a nobody until she got spotted on the beach. Alice Goodwin appeared in just one photoshoot, which prompted people to ask for more…

U.K. Big Brother Star Karly Ashworth has Nude Pictures Leaked Online

Karly Ashworth is one of the first girls of 2010 to have nude photos leaked onto the internet. Police are currently looking at her boyfriend as being the man that leaked Karly’s photos on Twitter, which then spread across the internet quickly like a California forest fire…

Carrie Prejean has a Legitimate Nipple Slip in Hawaii

Thought you saw enough of Former Miss California Carrie Prejean in 2009? We’re sure we’ll see plenty more of her in 2010 as her new Hawaii Nip Slip photos (from January 15, 2010) are amongst the highest viewed photos of January even though they came out halfway through the month, which proves she is still getting more than just 15 minutes of fame…


Tiger Woods Mistress, Loredana Jolie Playboy Photos

Loredana Jolie is one of the billions of different women Tiger Woods allegedly had sex with. While many of Tiger’s women are making some money from sleeping with him… Loredana Jolie is trying to sell a tell-all book about Tiger Woods sexual habits…



This all gives us hope that we’re see even more celebrity skin in 2010 than we did in 2009…


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