The Search For Carrie Prejean’s Nude Photos Has FINALLY Ended

Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean caused a great deal of commotion this year, which resulted in her remaining a VERY popular search topic all year long (probably the most searched celebrity in 2009).

Carrie Prejean earned herself the spotlight by doing something differently than what most Beauty Pageant Contestants normally do… She answered a question HONESTLY. Prejean claimed that she believed ‘marriage’ belongs between a man and a woman, which caused homosexual celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton to launch a disgusting attack against that seriously borders on criminal behavior.

While Carrie Prejean stuck to her so called ‘religious beliefs’ in a one-time only comment, Perez Hilton continued to slam Miss California throughout the ENTIRE year, which helped fuel a media war to see which media agency could dig up the juiciest photos and videos of Carrie Prejean.

Thankfully though, media agencies weren’t able to dig up much on the Miss USA runner-up. TMZ uncovered a ‘few’ photos of Carrie Prejean where her nipples were showing and The Dirty Army released a few erotic (contained sexual poses but had no actual nudity) photos of Miss California.

Carrie Prejean searches had started to falter until rumors of a Carrie Prejean Sex Tape surfaced in November, which made every Internet Search Engine ‘cry’ for the last two months of the year.

Our site suffered roughly 6,400 hits per day following the news of a Carrie Prejean Sex Tape and then got a frequent hit count of around 900 per day once the buzz died down. Carrie Prejean’s photo gallery landed around 200 hits per day, which is rather unusual activity since it spanned more than a 5 month period.


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