Hannah Montana Star, Miley Cyrus Bares All In Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar has decided to feature Miley Cyrus But I don’t think they’ve portrayed the Hannah Montana star the way they probably wanted to because poor Miley Cyrus comes out of the interview looking like an extremely immature teenager (more so than most teenagers normally are that is). Let’s take a quick look at some Hanna Montana’s comments about recent events…

Miley Cyrus Goes Bare For Vanity Fair magazine

“Here, my parents are thinking they’re seeing a beautiful picture by a major photographer, and the people of America want to see something dirty in that?”

America did NOT see anything dirty in that particular photo. The reason a lot of American’s talked negatively about that particular photo was because the Vanity Fair photo shoot was done shortly after Miley’s sexting photos got released… You know… The photos that she sent to her boyfriend where she was modeling her underwear and showing off her wet t-shirt while she was in the shower?

People were pretty shocked about the ‘sexting’ photos and the fact that Miley immediately turned around and did a riskee photo for Vanity Fair was a little immature and ‘stupid’. Not only did it indicate that Miley is a potentially terrible role-model but it clearly indicated that her parents are missing a few cards from their decks too.

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