Elin Woods Did NOT Cause Tiger Woods Car Accident

There were a lot of rumors that Elin (Nordegren) Woods attacked Tiger Woods on November 27, 2009. It was rumored that this alleged attack was what ultimately led to the now famous Tiger Woods car accident that eventually destroyed his golfing career.

According to several different reports… There is absolutely no evidence to support the claim that Elin Woods actually attacked Tiger Woods. While no one has seen him, Florida Police did meet with Tiger Woods on December 1, 2009 where Woods was ‘looked at’ rather closely and Police saw no visible signs of injury other than a ‘fat lip’ which is consistent with the Car Accident.

While the media was right about Tiger Woods sticking his putter in billions of holes all over the world… The media was wrong about the alleged domestic¬†violence between Elin Woods and Tiger Woods.

Personally… The alleged affairs were really the big part of the Tiger Woods story so I am glad the media got that part correct!

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