Robert Halderman Uses Tiger Woods Defense Against David Letterman Extortion

It hasn’t been that long since we saw a ‘Tiger Woods’ headline and now we’re seeing one again… But this time, Robert Halderman is the one that brought TW back into the spotlight.

Robert Halderman has apparently gotten into trouble for allegedly trying to extort TV’s David Letterman after he sent a script to Letterman that outlined some of the celebrity tv host’s indiscretions. While Halderman claims he was just giving David Letterman a chance to read it first… Letterman claims that Halderman was trying to extort him by flaunting the information in-front of him.

Robert Halderman’s lawyer is now apparently trying to use the Tiger Woods defense claiming that Halderman has done the same thing that Gloria Allred did for her client, Rachel Uchitel, which resulted in Uchitel getting a multi-million dollar settlement out of golfing legend, Tiger Woods.

TMZ has posed a nice question though… Is this a legitimate defense or is Halderman just cooking up some bull~hit to try and avoid getting into trouble?

It’s funny really… Our American society won’t allow a person to blackmail someone else and yet… American society allows lawyers to blackmail settlements out of big companies all the time.

If we look back at the lawsuit Carrie Prejean (Miss California) filed against the Miss Universe organization… News agencies reported that the pageant lawyers ended the lawsuit by showing Carrie Prejean a ‘sex tape’ she made when she was 17 years old.

Legally speaking, this tape should qualify as ‘child pornography’ because it shows a ‘minor’ performing a sexual act. Despite the fact that the tape contains ‘illegal’ material… Pageant lawyers did successfully use the tape as a means of getting Carrie Prejean to drop the lawsuit that she had filed and no one bothered to say anything about it even though it could be seen as a form of extortion since the primary purpose of using the tape was to get money to exchange hands (or in this particular case, to prevent money from exchanging hands).

Like I pointed out though, our American Society allows lawyers to blackmail individuals and businesses everyday and no one has taken precautions (made new laws) to try and stop it from happening. Had David Halderman’s lawyer sent the script to David Letterman I doubt the lawyer would be getting in trouble. Since Robert Halderman is not a lawyer and did not have a lawyer present the script to David Letterman… Halderman has in fact technically tried to extort David Letterman.

Since I don’t think it is fair that a lawyer is allowed to extort someone without penalty I will not agree that it is right to penalize Robert Halderman. I believe in equal rights’ and it isn’t proper to prosecute someone for something when thousands of other people do the exact same thing everyday and NEVER get punished for it.

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